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Sober Talk, produced by video creator, comedian, and sobriety advocate Tom Mabe.

Recently sober from alcohol, Tom Mabe talks and interacts with others about addiction, recovery and sobriety LIVE on Facebook.  This is a place to tell YOUR story, ask for help, CELEBRATE your accomplishments, and CONNECT with real people going down the same path.

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Tom Mabe

You are here because you want to get sober, you need to get sober, or perhaps you are just sober curious. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad you are here.

Here’s the story about this show….

I have quit drinking many times. I’ve quit for six months. I have quit for a year. I went for two years!  This time I am a couple months in. I’ve come to find that living alcohol free is one thing, but living alcohol free and happy is another thing. 

So I am doing it differently this time. I’m working the steps. And I have high hopes. At least I’m feeling better, I don’t have all these insecurities, and my self worth has come up. 

A lot of times on the show we discuss the health benefits, both physical and mental.

And sometimes we share drunken war stories. Sometimes those stories are hilarious, sometimes they end in divorce, prison, and unfortunately, sometimes death.

How can you tell if you have a drinking problem? If it causes problems. 

-Tom Mabe


I think your sober talk is amazing! Being open about alcoholism is a hard topic. Thanks for being honest and helpful to others

– Video Comment


Stay focused, I can assure you life without alcohol is so much better, you’ll never ever regret putting the bottle down. One once told me your worst day sober beats your best day drinking, I couldn’t understand at first but it holds so much truth!

– Email


Hey Tom.. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that what you’re doing is invaluable. I’m proud to be a part of it.

– Facebook Message

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